Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Web-logs vs Desktop-logs

When I finally decided to use Typepad for my weblog, I had to step away from my lengthy experiment with Radio Userland, a desktop-based weblog editor and newsreader. After a month of use, here is my comparison of the two.

Best things about Typepad

1. Post from any computer, anywhere
2. Elegant, intuitive, Mac-like, user interface
3. Bug-free software
4. Continual development and improvement
5. Advanced features such as domain mapping
6. Excellent help system, knowledge base, and customer service

Best things about Radio Userland

1. Local weblog copy, allowing local backups and the ability to work without a network connection
2. Complete control and ability to access the innerworkings of the system
3. Built-in newsreader
4. Categories can reside in different locations and generate individual feeds.
5. Price

Based on my priorities, it wasn't a terribly hard decision. I love the freedom to update from anywhere, and love the quality of Typepad. Radio was in a lengthy development slump and I was unlikely to use a good deal of the underlying power it offered.

Another way to look at it is, if a beginner wanted to start her own weblog and asked me for a recommendation, I would choose Typepad above all others. The best part is, I don't know why a power user would choose otherwise, either.