Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Weekend reading

Innovation Lessons from Apple > The Economist

  • Look outside
  • Pursue simplicity
  • Know when to ignore your users
  • Fail wisely

Putting the We Back in Wii > NYT

Economist_appleApple's Third Act > The Economist

It's incredible to revisit just how radical the last 10 years at Apple have been: the Mac OS X, the iMac, iPod, Apple Stores, the switch to Intel, and now, the iPhone.

Rudy Giuliani: An Unconventional Candidate > The Weekly Standard

DeadBook? The Grateful Dead Site Goes Social > TechCrunch

Shows, archives, and the start of a new online community. Visit

The Zero-to-60 [Fred] Thompson Run > The Weekly Standard

Ed Young on YouTube > New enhanced channel, now at