Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Welcome Back, Mr. Storch

The blogosphere received a late Christmas present with the return of my friend, co-worker, and co-author Terry Storch. Though he has been posting and podcasting on our book blog, his personal site had become, how should I put it, a quiet place of reflection. Terry returned today with a Top 10 list that gives a small hint of the 24/7 adventure he's been living over the past few months. Be sure to stop by and say hello!

Unfortunately, by publishing this post, Terry reveals something we have been trying to keep secret for many, many months. Now, however, that is no longer possible.

So, let the record show that yes, Terry Storch and Tony Morgan are indeed the same person!

I know many of you have long suspected this. The humor, the love of clothes, the suspiciously effective PR techniques and mutual promotion, and now, with this post, the affinity for Top 10 lists. They got a little careless, though, when Tony went on a two-week vacation and suddenly Terry publishes his first post in months.

Well, Tony/Terry, you did good keeping it a secret for that long. Enjoy your "vacation" Tony, and Terry, good to have you back.