Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

West Wing Finale 2004

Tonight was the season finale of The West Wing. I thought it was fairly good, but not quite worthy of a season finale. We were watching it on TiVO and even with nearly constant rewinding, we still found ourselves fairly lost. There was a fair amount of tension between the president and Leo, which was well done, but much of the rest was fairly slow moving.

In the process of doing some West Wing research, I came across a great site that summarizes each episode, The West Wing Episode Guide. One of the best parts is the site gathers quotes about each episode from numerous sources, which is where I learned that West Wing's first season finale, What Kind of Day Has It Been, shared its title with the first Sports Night season finale.

Another good site is the West Wing Continuity Guide.

Note to Google tourists: I apologize that your search for information about the series finale of West Wing has led you to this 2-year old post about the 2004 finale. I finally renamed this post so the next person who finds it will have a better idea of what they're getting. For the record, I am still a huge WW fan and eagerly anticipate (and dread) the series finale. Unfortunately, I have no helpful information about it :(