Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Where's my inauguration suit?

Standard Google search for Barack Obama. Let's check out the paid advertising on the right and see how things are going in the online ad battle.

Let's see...first, we have the campaign site. Makes perfect sense.

Next, a YouTube link. Very reasonable, YouTube is a huge force in the campaign.

Third, an ad for News website wants to pull in political readers. Excellent.

Fourth, an ad for a network security magazine. Hmmm, a little odd, but the company seems to be trying to link online scams to the presidential race. Guess it's worth a shot.

Now, let's see, what would this last one be... NeimanMarcus Coupons? Really?

No, really?

Are they picturing the Senator in an election night "Honey, where's my super suit?" commercial or something? What connection could the SEO marketing guru have devised to justify this ad buy?

I haven't seen the ad since, but it was there. I have proof.