Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Willow Wonka 3 — The Return

The return flight was ideal; quiet, uneventful and empty! I experienced the joys of passing a flight with a DVD, watching all of U2's Slane Castle concert. There were only a few surprises waiting for us on our return, as well as a couple of meetings.

The best part about returning was as soon as I got home, Ben and I left for a Ranger game, our first of the season. Our seats were a bit better than normal and we had a wonderful time watching the game, one in which they beat the Mariners 10-8. The most eventful moment was a 30-minute rain delay. It was the first time Ben had ever been at a ballpark during a rain delay and it was great to watch the grounds crew work their magic. We left near the end of the game, making it to the car moments before the second rain delay, only a little wet from the experience.