Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Work That's Worthwhile

If you haven't heard of Worthwhile Magazine, take a few minutes to read this post by Halley Suitt, What We're Doing Here.

The print magazine debuts in just over a month, but Worthwhile was clever enough to start the website and its multi-author weblog in January. I've found much of the writing to be inspired and well done. The magazine is attempting to speak to those of us who want to find meaning and value in our work, and balance and perspective in our lives. I feel enormously blessed to work for a church and play a small role is something so much greater than my own self-interest. I often try to imagine returning to the corporate world and find it nearly impossible. The more I've thought about it, though, the more I realize that this is not a simple church vs. non-church division. Once you've tasted worthwhile work, work filled with purpose and passion, work that makes you wish you only had more time to give, it is hard to go back.

As blessed as I am to have the opportunity to experience this each and every day, I have to regularly remind myself of the high privelege of my situation. In other words, I work at a church whose entire focus is on reaching a lost world and being a tool to bring about life change for people and families throughout our community, and I still struggle with questions about the impact and measure of my work. I hope Worthwhile challenges each of us to raise our expectations of work and life.

I've subscribed for the many important reasons listed above, as well as the completely unrelated fact that I'm a bit of a premier issue addict.