Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Write Now

Thanks to everyone who offered to participate in the 100Bloggers project. There are a number of great people who submitted ideas, but unfortunately I could only choose one writer. My choice is:

Tony Woodlief of Sand in the Gears

Those of you who have been following this site over the past year know how much I respect Tony's work. He is truly a first-class writer who can craft an essay with warmth and precision. He writes frequently about his family and children in ways that all of us can identify with, and learn from. His quest for Christmas gifts for his sons is still a favorite, as is most everything else he writes. He is a fantastic example of the less-is-more principle. While he posts infrequently compared to many, you have every confidence that his words will be worth your time.

Thanks, Tony, for agreeing to participate, and thanks to Katie and Lori for first introducing me to Sand in the Gears.