Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition


Everybody is talking about Writeboard, the long-promised online writing tool from 37signals that was quietly released over the weekend. The free service allows you to work on a document from anywhere, edit it as a group, and track all changes. I'm sure the official announcement will come this morning, but the initial reviews and commentary have failed to mention one sweet thing:

Writeboard integration with Backpack!

As I was working in Backpack last night (it has become my online home) I noticed a new option alongside Body, List, and Notes... Writeboards. In one click, you can add a Writeboard, which is created on the fly. Your Writeboard page has a link back to your Backpack page. Also, your Backpack page has a whole section for your Whiteboards (you can have as many as you like) and they are all just a click away. The page lists when it was last updated and by who, and you can subscribe to it with RSS. This is going to be great!

Quick side note - if you are interested in the next-generation of web apps, you have to subscribe to Techcrunch. It is fantastic.